NYU Shanghai launches new masters programs

Yang Meiping
In cooperation with New York University Stern School of Business, NYU Shanghai has launched two new one-year masters programs.
Yang Meiping

New York University Shanghai and New York University's Stern School of Business jointly launched two new one-year master of science programs in data analytics and business computing, and quantitative finance.

The programs aim to prepare new and recent college graduates for their careers in the rapidly evolving marketplaces of analytics and finance in China and Asia.

Each program will admit 60 students in June 2019 for the first class. Students will have 12 months of full-time study over three semesters in two global hubs, starting with a summer semester at NYU Stern in New York City, followed by fall and spring semesters in China at NYU Shanghai.

The program in data analytics and business computing will teach students to use a data-driven approach to solve business challenges in today’s era of big data through an interdisciplinary curriculum in business, data science and management science, according to the university.

Through the program in quantitative finance, students will focus on modern financial architecture and its functions, including the range of technical innovations that have given rise to Fintech.

NYU Shanghai Chancellor Yu Lizhong said the launch of the two joint programs marks a new phase of development for NYU Shanghai.

“The university will focus on introducing more graduate programs in the future, on the basis of exploring and innovating its undergraduate education model,” he said. 

“We hope to cultivate more high-level talent that can contribute to the socio-economic development of Shanghai, and to prepare students for the rapidly evolving global marketplace.”

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