Court denies mother of guardianship

A drug addict mother jailed for not taking care of her baby now loses guardianship of the boy.

A mother who was jailed for 10 months for abandoning her baby has now been stripped of the boy’s guardianship by Putuo District People’s Court.

The woman, surnamed Li, was a drug addict who became pregnant after forming a relationship with another addict, surnamed Wang.

Their son was born in March 2015 but was weak and required emergency treatment.

As his condition deteriorated, Li walked out on the child when she couldn’t afford his medical expenses.

After losing contact with Li, the hospital called the police.

When they caught up with her, in March 2016, Li expressed regret and promised to take her son home within a week. But she failed to make good on her promise and, in October 2017, was jailed for abandoning the baby. She was released from prison earlier this month.

Wang died in an accident in July 2016 and neither set of parents were willing to raise the boy.

Shanghai Children Temporary Care Center, where he was sent from hospital in November last year, filed a lawsuit against Li, asking the court to strip her of guardianship.

A local neighborhood committee has been assigned to take care of the boy.

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