Kids breathe easy in school safe zones

Xu Lingchao
Plans for safety zones will ban facilities and factories that cause pollution, as well as Internet cafes and lottery kiosks, from a 200-meter radius of schools.
Xu Lingchao

Plans to establish 200-meter safety zones around every school in Shanghai were announced on Wednesday.

The new regulations will ban facilities and factories that may cause pollution, as well as Internet cafes, clubs and lottery kiosks, from the 200-meter exclusion zone. Special attention will be given to toys and books sold within the zones.

The primary schools and kindergartens already have two security guards at each gate. The new regulation urged all schools to double the security force.

Police will closely monitor school bus companies, give feedback to schools and suggest they do not use buses from companies which repeatedly violate traffic rules or cause accidents.

All students will have at least four public safety lectures each semester. Primary and middle schools should conduct at least one emergency evacuation drill each month.

Each school must appoint a food safety executive to check up on school cafeterias.

Campus violence is another issue. All schools must set up a helpline for students. Any form of violence should be dealt with as early as possible.

If students are violent to one another, police should intervene if necessary.

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