New guidance as autumn semester approaches

Yang Meiping
Shanghai Education Commission asks schools and kindergartens to make thorough preparations for the opening of the new semester amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yang Meiping

The Shanghai Education Commission is asking local schools and kindergartens to make thorough preparations for the opening of the autumn semester amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students and faculty should start health observation in Shanghai 14 days ahead of September 1 when schools and kindergartens reopen after the summer vacation, said the commission, adding that both students and faculty should show green health codes or other valid health certificates when returning to campus.

The commission is asking those still in areas with a high risk of COVID-19 or those who have to pass by such areas not to return until the risks in those places are at a low level.

Students and faculty who return from overseas need to follow pandemic control and prevention measures in China and Shanghai and apply to return to campus with green health codes and negative results of nucleic acid tests, the commission said.

Schools and kindergartens are asked to continue closed-off management with security management and preventive disinfection measures and keep a stock of face masks and disinfectant materials enough for at least two weeks.

The institutions are also asked to enhance cooperation with local communities and disease control authorities to prevent COVID-19 and carry out training and drills in treating emergencies such as group fevers, suspected or diagnosed cases and close contacts of infected patients.

After the new semester begins, schools and kindergartens are asked not to organize large-scale activities. Primary and secondary students are required to carry spare masks on campus and wear masks in densely populated areas. They can take off masks in well-ventilated and less populated areas or during PE classes.

Kindergarten students are allowed to take off their masks during their stay on campus.

Education authorities will continue to produce and broadcast online classes for the new semester. Schools are not allowed to organize tests in the first two weeks of the new semester.

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