Fujian cases rise to 335 ahead of festival holiday

All domestic flights departing from Xiamen, a tourist and transport hub with a population of 5 million, are suspended from Monday.

As the Chinese people are about to mark a national holiday for the Mid-Autumn Festival, authorities in the southeastern Fujian Province are battling an outbreak of the Delta variant to stop its spread.

The Chinese mainland on Saturday reported 43 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases, all in Fujian, taking the number of such cases in the province to 335 in total since September 10.

All domestic flights departing from Xiamen, a tourist and transport hub with a population of 5 million, are suspended from Monday, Yicai portal reported.

Mass testing, robust contact-tracing measures, and temporary suspension of indoor public venues have since been carried out in cities affected by the latest outbreak.

Cultural and tourism venues, including public libraries, museums, galleries, and theaters, have closed. Trans-provincial group tours, performances, and exhibitions in COVID-19 high and medium-risk areas have also been discontinued.

Tens of thousands of enterprises in Fujian, including shoe and garments manufacturers, have also taken necessary anti-epidemic measures.

"A dozen of our workers in Xiamen had to work from home under the requirements since confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city," said Zheng Ping, general manager of Xiamen Worthpart Machinery Co Ltd, a manufacturer of undercarriage parts for excavators and bulldozers. "Staff members staying at the plant take their temperatures every day. We keep a close eye on information about the epidemic and do nucleic acid tests in line with the requirements," Zheng said.

"The anti-epidemic measures did affect the operation, but we understand and support the measures, as the impacts will be short-lived and limited. In the long run, only when the epidemic is under control can the production and trade of my company be fully guaranteed," Zheng added.

Nationwide, the public will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls tomorrow. Outside Fujian, public activities remain largely unaffected.

China is expected to see 40 million domestic trips during the four-day travel rush for the holiday, the China State Railway Group Co Ltd said on Saturday.

Passenger trips were expected to peak yesterday, the first day of the three-day holiday, said the company, noting that 11 million trips are estimated on that day.

The railway passenger flow is expected to recover to the level of last year, the company said.

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