2 swimmers drown in tragic rescue gone wrong

Wang Zhihan Han Jing
Man dies trying to save struggling swimmer from drowning at beachside hotel in Hainan Province.
Wang Zhihan Han Jing

A struggling swimmer and a man who tried to rescue him both drowned at a "private beach" at a hotel in Qionghai city, south China's Hainan Province, on October 2, Hainan Hinews reported.

The 34-year-old swimmer, identified as Yang, was on vacation with his family and called for help around 6:30pm from the water, the media reported.

Zhang Zichen, 27, and his father were swimming about three meters away from Yang and attempted to rescue him.

2 swimmers drown in tragic rescue gone wrong

Yang's wife was playing on the beach with her child and called the hotel after suspecting something was wrong when she lost sight of her husband.

Zhang's father, fatigued from the rescue attempt, called police after returning to the shore.

The police and rescue team arrived and started rescue efforts in about 30 minutes, according to an official Qionghai government announcement.

Yang and Zhang Zichen were found dead in the water at 7:40pm and 8:53pm.

Yang's wife said the hotel failed to take adequate rescue measures and questioned its level of responsibility. She told Hua Shang Daily the hotel's advertising claimed "the beach is its private facility."

However, the hotel asserted the beach and the water area did not belong to the hotel and entry was prohibited.

The Qionghai government said it intended to commend and reward Zhang for his courage.

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