China's epidemic-containing strategy effective: expert

Renowned epidemiologist and academic Liang Wannian said China's epidemic containment strategy has proved to be effective.

Renowned epidemiologist and academic Liang Wannian said China's epidemic containment strategy has proved to be effective.

China has successfully contained dozens of sporadic COVID-19 resurgences over the past year or so, ensuring a balance between epidemic prevention and economic development, Liang, professor at Tsinghua University, told Xinhua in a recent interview.

He reminded the public to exercise caution against the virus and called for unremitting efforts to prevent both domestic resurgence and imported infections.

Minimizing adverse impact

"The COVID-19 pandemic situation across the world remains grave with increasing virus mutations, and there hasn't been any significant drop in the mortality rate associated with the disease," Liang said.

Inadequate preventive measures will lead to a resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the number of severely ill patients and deaths will continue to increase, which was seen in several countries, said Liang, noting that China should stick to its current strategy of clearing COVID-19 infections in a timely manner.

He, however, pointed out that such a mechanism does not equal a zero-tolerance policy against any infections. "The regular prevention measures aim to ensure early detection, swift response, targeted containment, and effective treatment of COVID-19 patients to prevent community infections."

"This approach can help curb infections and avoid strain on medical resources so as to better serve people's medical needs while minimizing the impact on social and economic development," Liang said.

Restoring normalcy

Liang called for adhering to COVID-19 prevention measures in a scientific way.

Prevention policies should be consistently improved aligning with changes in the epidemic situation, he said, adding that risk grades for COVID-19 infection in different regions should be assigned precisely and properly.

Liang also urged efforts in accelerating vaccine and drug development, as well as strengthening the training on epidemiological investigation, treatment, and management.

While the COVID-19 patients and their close contacts might face inconvenience in the short term, swift containment of outbreaks will only help restore normalcy in the economy and society, he said.

Shedding light on the future of China's anti-epidemic strategy, Liang said things will depend on multiple factors such as how the COVID-19 situation pans out globally, virus mutation, the seriousness of the disease and China's vaccination rate.

China's epidemic prevention policies are constantly evolving, Liang said, noting that the country will be "closely watching the global pandemic situation, accelerate vaccination and adjust policies in due time."

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