How do foreign Chinese apply for permanent residence permit in China?

Zhu Yuting
Such people with PhD degrees can apply for permanent residence permit from local exit-entry administration authorities.
Zhu Yuting
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When foreigners come to China, they might encounter problems with various issues, ranging from visas to residence applications. Here's a frequently asked question from foreign Chinese.

Q: How can foreign Chinese with doctoral degrees apply for permanent residence in China? Are there any limitations on where they can work?

A: They can apply for permanent residence permits at the exit-entry administration bureau if they work in China, according to the National Immigration Administration of China.

Their foreign spouses and minor children can also apply.

The policy is in force nationwide and there are no restrictions on the location of their work.

The following documents are needed:

1. An application form with ID photo;

2. A copy of a valid passport and residence permit;

3. Proof of identity as an expatriate Chinese, including the certificates of your foreign nationality and cancellation of your Chinese household registration, or other proof issued by local government departments in charge of overseas Chinese to prove your identity;

4. Your PhD diploma. If you graduated from an overseas university, you need to provide the certification issued by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange;

5. A copy of your employer's business license, as well as your employment certificate and work permit;

6. Proof of no criminal record certified by a Chinese embassy or consulate;

7. A health check certificate issued within the last six months by a designated domestic entry-exit health quarantine institution or by a foreign medical institution approved by the Chinese embassy or consulate;

8. If the original versions of the materials are in a foreign language, you need to find a qualified agency to translate them into Chinese and stamp them with the seal of the translation company.

For further information, please call the Chinese immigration service hotline 12367.

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