Granny's after-death arrangement video strikes chord with youth

Zhang Long
A granny shared a video of her after-death arrangements. The well thought-out plan is making her young followers ponder some unavoidable issues such as death and how to grow old.
Zhang Long

For elderly persons in their 80s, death is a topic that is unavoidable, but nor is it an easy one.

An 86-year-old granny shared her well thought-out after-death arrangements with her online followers, who seem to genuinely appreciate her sincerity and attitude towards life.

Granny's after-death arrangement video strikes chord with youth

Elderly makes after-death arrangements to avoid troubles, says the video's title.

The granny, who goes by an online name succulent old pine, posted the after-death arrangement video on February 13, in which she said that death is an unavoidable topic for people of her age.

In the past few years, she has witnessed the passing away of many of her friends and relatives. In fact, one of her colleagues, who woke up with a headache one day, died later the same day in a hospital without even leaving any last words.

In 2020, the granny lost her husband to cancer complications.

Granny's after-death arrangement video strikes chord with youth

The granny tries to recollect the passing away of one of her colleagues.

Seeing all this, the granny decided to make a video about her funeral and financial arrangements while she's still capable of clear communication, she said in the video.

Having worked in the medical industry for many decades, she and her husband were able to purchase two apartments in Shanghai with their savings. One has already been transferred to her son, and the other will be sold and the money will go to her daughter.

Her son and daughter will split her monthly pension. Part of her personal savings will be used to pay for medical bills, and the rest will be split between her grandson and granddaughter.

It's really unnecessary to endure surgical procedures in order to save her life if she becomes unconscious in her last moments, she claimed. "I don't wish to be inserted with tubes in my last moments, like some of my relatives. Let me go in peace. I have had a good life, " the granny repeatedly tells her daughter.

Granny's after-death arrangement video strikes chord with youth

The old lady does not wish to go through medical operations in her last moments if she becomes unconscious.

As for her funeral arrangement, the granny asked her son and daughter to give her a plain and simple ceremony. There's no need to get a fancy ash box, just one that can hold her.

Her attitude towards life and death have won applause from many young followers on the video site We have learned so much from granny. Her attitude towards death will teach us how to remain gracious in our last moments, one of them commented.

Granny's after-death arrangement video strikes chord with youth

No matter how old one is, we can all learn from granny's attitude towards life and be more gracious in life, one of the comments said.

The old lady has so far posted more than 150 videos. In most of them she shares her life's anecdotes and memories.

Insisting on living alone, she doesn't want to burden her children with the responsibility of taking care of her while she's perfectly capable of having a good life by herself.

Granny's after-death arrangement video strikes chord with youth

The granny's videos on her house plants.

After her daughter taught her how to record herself with her smartphone, the old lady learned to edit her own videos. It has now become a great pleasure of her life, sharing her hobbies such as planting flowers with her viewers.

For many young audiences, topics such as growing old and how to face one's death may still be far away and unimaginable. Granny's sincerity and down-to-earth attitude have given us courage to confront death with calm, another viewer confided.

Granny's after-death arrangement video strikes chord with youth

I have thought about my after-death arrangements long ago. It's inevitable for everyone, there's no need to be scared, such is life, the granny said.

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