Funerals consortium to address shortages

Hu Min
China's first body established to cultivate talent for the funeral and internment industry to comprise more than 240 universities, colleges, research institutions and others.
Hu Min

Efforts have been beefed up to cultivate talent and address the acute shortage of professionals in the funeral and interment field.

A consortium focused on the integration of the funeral and interment industry and education that comprises more than 240 universities, vocational colleges, scientific research institutions, social organizations, enterprises and government authorities across the nation was established in Beijing over the weekend.

The nation's first of its kind, the consortium that crosses region and industry will establish a pairing mechanism on demand and supply in the industry and education fields and conduct training programs on the cultivation of professionals in funeral and interment between 2023 and 2025.

Members will also develop courses, conduct pre-job training, job education, and continuing education, and promote overseas exchanges in terms of vocational education.

China's reform of vocational education in the funeral and interment field should be deepened with the integration of industry and education enhanced to supply more professionals for the industry, said Wang Jinhua, director of the social affairs department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The consortium was initiated by Shanghai University, Fu Shou Yuan International Group, China's largest cemetery and funeral service provider, and Beijing College of Social Administration.

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