Chinese FM Wang urges Sino-US Afghan cooperation

Chinese foreign minister said that China stands ready to communicate with the US to push for a soft landing of the Afghan issue.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday exchanged views on the situation in Afghanistan and bilateral ties.

During the phone talk, Blinken expressed appreciation for China's participation in the Doha meeting on the Afghan issue, noting that the situation in Afghanistan was entering a crucial stage.

The Taliban, which has now taken control of the country, should announce a clean break with extremism, opt for an orderly transfer of power and establish an inclusive government, the top US diplomat said, expressing hope that China will also play an important role to this end.

The US recognizes that the future of Afghanistan should be decided by the Afghan people, Blinken said, calling on the Taliban to ensure the safety of all those who wish to leave the country.

For his part, Wang expounded China's stance on the situation in Afghanistan, saying that facts have once again proved that mechanically copying an imported foreign model cannot readily be fitted to use in a country with completely different history, culture and national conditions, and ultimately, is unlikely to establish itself.

Without the support of people, a government cannot stand, and the use of power and military means to solve problems will only cause more problems, Wang said, adding lessons in this respect deserve serious reflection.

Wang said that China stands ready to communicate with the US to push for a soft landing of the Afghan issue, so that a new civil war or humanitarian disaster will be prevented in Afghanistan and the country will not relapse into a hotbed and shelter for terrorism.

China encourages Afghanistan to establish an open and inclusive political framework in accordance with its own national situation, Wang noted, adding that the US should play a constructive role in helping Afghanistan maintain stability, forestall turbulence and realize peace.

The hasty withdrawal of US troops has had a severe negative impact on the situation in Afghanistan, and it will not be a responsible attitude if the US created new problems in its next move, he said.

The previous US administration announced revocation of the designation of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement as a terrorist organization, and applied double standards to the counter-terrorism issue, which is dangerous and wrong, Wang insisted, calling on Washington to start afresh to remove obstacles to China-US cooperation on Afghanistan and international counter-terrorism cooperation.

In the face of various global challenges and urgent regional hot-spot issues, the two countries should carry out coordination and cooperation, which is what the international community is keen on, Wang stated.

And yet the US cannot, on the one hand, deliberately contain and suppress China and undermine its legitimate rights and interests, and on the other hand, expect support and cooperation from China, because such logic doesn't exist in international exchanges, he added.

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