Chinese NEVs – new options for Latin Americans

Many people in Latin American countries have opted for NEVs, and electric cars from China have become a popular choice.

After driving a Chinese-made electric vehicle for nearly a year, Israel Aguilar from Mexico found that transitioning from a fuel vehicle to a new energy vehicle (NEV) has provided him with a different travel experience.

Like Aguilar, many people in Latin American countries have opted for NEVs, and electric cars from China have become a popular choice.

Jimmy Deng, deputy director of the passenger car department of the international branch of JAC Group based in Hefei, east China's Anhui Province, said the company is expected to export 4,000 to 5,000 electric vehicles to Latin America this year.

Since the official launch of the company's electric vehicle in Mexico in 2019, JAC has been one of the major sellers in the Mexican electric vehicle market, Deng noted, adding that the increasing attention to carbon reduction in Latin American countries has boosted sales in the region.

The Latin American market is one of the major destinations for China's auto exports. Statistics from China Customs show that in 2021, China exported about 1.98 million vehicles, and the Latin American market accounted for 26.19 percent of the total export volume, up 143.6 percent year on year.

NEV is a fast-growing category in auto exports. From January to July this year, China's NEV exports increased by more than 90 percent year on year, official statistics showed.

Margarita Beristain, general operations manager of JAC Coyoacan, a Mexican car dealership, said that the sales of electric vehicles are on the rise in Mexico.

"Being in densely populated cities with emission of pollutants, the Mexican market is increasingly turning to sustainable and environmentally friendly electric vehicles," said Beristain.

Jimmy Deng said that China's automobile manufacturing industry had achieved development and breakthroughs in techniques, product quality, and styling, and NEVs are a typical representative.

Technology is truly very important in these times, especially for driving in cities, Aguilar noted, adding that it has been extraordinary for him to experience the technologies that come from China.

Sara Silva, a Mexican who has been driving a Chinese electric vehicle for a year, said the experience has changed her perception of electric vehicles and mobility.

"These vehicles with Chinese technology also opened a new door for Mexican people to move toward pure electric vehicles," said Silva.

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