Three teenagers scratch 16 cars in garage

Victims included Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Infiniti ...

Three teenage delinquents went on the rampage at the weekend causing tens of  thousands of yuan damage to a total of 16 cars in Shanghai’s Baoshan District.

A CCTV monitor captured images of the vandals using stones to scratch and deface the motor vehicles parked in an underground garage of a residential complex in the Baoshan District.

Several luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Infiniti, were among the cars damaged. The cost to repair the damage to the vehicles is likely to cost more than ten thousands of yuan.

Kankan News
Kankan News

The car owners contacted the property management staff and reported the damage to the police as soon as they discovered their cars had been victims of vandalism on Saturday evening. Footprints were found in the garage while the owners found their cars had been defaced with either star-like-scratches, characters or logos.

Two of the boys caught after the incident called their vandalism an “adventure”.

The property management staff said they were going to step up security patrols, while Police carry out further investigation.

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