40 Years On

China embarked on a policy of economic reform and opening up to the outside world 40 years ago, ushering in dramatic changes that touched every aspect of life and commerce. To mark the anniversary, we invited comment about the effects of change and the outlook for the future.

Business style matchmaking: How recruitment is changing

On the 40th anniversary of its opening up, China is now a fertile ground for entrepreneurs and professional talent to advance their careers or start up their own businesses.

Job market adapts to the needs of a technological age

Following the changing trends of industries as well as the evolving preference of job candidates, recruitment companies in China are adjusting themselves in a technological age. 

China's cultural footprint on foreign shores

China's opening up to the outside world has long been a one-way street of foreign ideas flowing into the nation. But the tide has now turned, with Chinese culture flowing overseas.

'Go Fighting!' creates new challenges in the wildness

The show's stars, including actors Sun Honglei and Huang Bo, will learn to work in mountainous areas and overcome the difficulties of poor weather, accommodation and transport.

New TV series to celebrate reform and opening-up of Pudong

A 50-episode television series is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the reform and opening-up of the Pudong New Area.

Get smart: phone booths and the memories

With the growing popularity of mobile phones, the public phone booths have been gathering dust. Shanghai Daily photographer Wang Rongjiang documented the buzz of change.

Decades of recording life's dramas, minute by minute

Located in Mianjin Lane, a 3-square-meter booth is probably the last neighborhood public telephone in Shanghai.