40 Years On

China embarked on a policy of economic reform and opening up to the outside world 40 years ago, ushering in dramatic changes that touched every aspect of life and commerce.

China's publishing industry booming over past 40 years

China has seen rapid growth in its publishing industry over the past four decades, with the number of publishing houses increasing from 105 to over 580.

Multinationals showcase growth during China's 40 years of reform

The two-week "40 Years On: Multinational Companies in Shanghai" exhibition, which opened yesterday at the Hongqiao Paradise Walk, looks at 42 cases from 40 companies.

Improvement in 'speed, safety, comfort, intelligence' of mobility

German-based global leading automotive supplier Continental is a major player in the industry that has benefited from China's reform and opening-up policies. 

Exhibition kicks off on multinational companies in Shanghai

It features 42 cases from 40 multinational companies in the city, categorized in manufacturing, automobile, technology, safety and healthcare among others.

Shanghai modernization: personal memories of the dawn of a new era

China's policies of reform and opening up to the outside world, initiated 40 years ago, and the dramatic transformation that resulted have changed the lives of its people.

Exhibition tells the stories of Huangpu's Hong Kongers

Outstanding achievements during the 40 years since China launched its policy of reform and opening up are on display at a mall in Xintiandi

Shanghai arts festival celebrates '20•40 Coming Home'

The 20th birthday of Shanghai International Arts Festival and 40th anniversary of China's launch of reform and opening-up was celebrated on the Bund by artists worldwide.

Nostalgic look back over 40 years of reform

Under the system of a planned economy, apartments allocated by the government couldn't be traded. The only way to upgrade living standards or conditions was to exchange. 

Shui On's Lo lauds better business climate

Lo is sometimes called the "son-in-law of Shanghai" by the local media – a reference to his decades-long involvement with the city's urban development.

Forum told: Forge ahead despite difficulties

The courage adopted 40 years when China began its policy of reform and opening up should be maintained in spite of today's economic challenges, participants at a forum said