Students record families' views of reform

Yang Meiping
An exhibition at Shanghai Jiao Tong University relates how China's policy of reform and opening-up has been a change for the better.
Yang Meiping
Students record families' views of reform
Dong Jun / SHINE

A visitor to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University exhibition takes a picture of some of the reports on how China's reform and opening-up policy had affected students' families. 

Local university students have been sharing their stories of how China’s reform and opening-up policy, which began 40 years ago, has changed China, their hometowns and their families.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is holding an exhibition of reports and videos made by students born in or after 2000 based on interviews with their parents and grandparents. It also features items from their families, such as old certificates and stamps.

Cao Hong, one of the students, said: “I am from a village in Fujian Province, which is surrounded by mountains. Before the reform and opening-up, villagers mainly grew rice, vegetables and tea to make a living. After the policy was introduced, our village was connected to the outside by an asphalt road. The standard of living has been significantly improved.”

The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology held a lecture competition for students to speak on social progress and national development from the perspective of their own majors.

It attracted more than 2,000 entries.

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