Dahvida Falanitule

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The key ingredients of Shanghai's unique haipai culture

Shanghai is a mix of ancient Chinese and East-meets-West culture. It has developed its unique style over centuries.
Art & Culture

Celebrating China's cultural richness

China's 5,000-year-old culture has enormous depth and diversity and rich in arts and sciences – and food.

The Pacific way: connecting man, food and nature

Food is more than fuel for the body. It connects tradition, culture and health. Pacific Islanders are reclaiming that connection.
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Do your homework to avoid pitfalls of cross-cultural negotiations

Cultural stereotypes or preconceptions – and dodgy translators – can easily cause misunderstandings and confusion, derailing negotiations.
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Establishing a framework for working across cultures can pay off

The companies that will see growth in the coming decades are mastering how to do business across cultures.
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The impact of culture on education

As a result of globalization, many people are becoming interested in ranking systems which show how their own countries and regions compare with others on a variety of measures.
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Spring Festival ─ What is that?

Traditions are important in celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year, with customs dating back centuries.
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When in China, do as the Chinese do

For expats and travelers, the excitement of being in China stretches beyond the Oriental architecture, traditional culture and exotic customs during the Spring Festival.
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China and the US: 2 different approaches to culture

In China and America, ideas of civilization and antiquity are deeply entrenched within modern conceptions of national culture.
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Overcoming cultural barriers is just as important as details of deals

Is cultural perspective taking just as effective as looking at the details of the negotiation from your counterpart's point of view?