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Spring Festival ─ What is that?

Traditions are important in celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year, with customs dating back centuries.
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When in China, do as the Chinese do

For expats and travelers, the excitement of being in China stretches beyond the Oriental architecture, traditional culture and exotic customs during the Spring Festival.
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China and the US: 2 different approaches to culture

In China and America, ideas of civilization and antiquity are deeply entrenched within modern conceptions of national culture.
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Overcoming cultural barriers is just as important as details of deals

Is cultural perspective taking just as effective as looking at the details of the negotiation from your counterpart's point of view?
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The finer side of doing business in China

Keep your cool. Map out your strategy and stick to it.
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Business in China is different: Carry a Snickers

To succeed here, foreign businesses – especially those from the West – need to learn a different play book for the negotiating table.
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How to succeed in China: Learn the culture

Foreign businesses which want to succeed in China need to have a keen understanding of the culture from a variety of angles.
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Opportunities abound for savvy businessmen in Chinese marketplace

Follow etiquette, culture and manners while doing business in China.
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Keys to forging business relationships in other cultures

Relationships are powerful. But building them with people from a different background can be tough and takes time and effort.