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Smart vehicles are show stars

Hu Yumo
The latest in driving technologies are on display at the three-day CES Asia show which opened in Shanghai on Tuesday.
Hu Yumo

Smart and connected vehicles were the stars when the three-day CES Asia show opened in Shanghai on Tuesday.

Automobile manufacturers are tapping into the latest industry trend as cars are becoming more intelligent and driving more autonomous. In addition to the largest auto market in the world with 28.1 million vehicles sold last year, China has become a global hub of innovation and technology.

Automakers are showcasing their latest technologies and concept cars at the CES show, incorporating artificial intelligence, 5G, information technology, Internet of Things and other latest technologies.

Audi showcased its Android-based service platform which allows third-party developers to create tailor-made services and applications. Users can access local apps and services provided by Audi app store, with all applications seamlessly integrated and optimized for in-car use. The services include a gas station finder, direct in-car payment at gas stations and smart parking with password-free online payments. Customers can use the system and some services in the car independently from their smartphone.

Thomas Owsianski, president of Audi China, said: “Audi is committed to bringing the latest connect technology to Chinese consumers, who are always quick to adopt new trends. It underscores the research and development focus on digitalization and connectivity by Audi in China.”

Shanghai-based automaker SAIC Motor showcased its self-developed control unit named iBox which can realize 30 intelligent functions including traffic light reminders, collision reminders and speed guidance. It can also help autonomous vehicles achieve exchange information over longer distances. 

SAIC Motor said people can use the driving console at the CES to remotely control the self-driving car in a test ground in Jiading District. With the advantage of the large bandwidth of 5G network, multi-channel HD video will be transmitted to the console in real time. At the same time, control of the steering wheel, accelerator and brake of vehicle will be instantly transmitted to the self-driving car through the 5G network.

German auto-part supplier Continental displayed its Continental Urban Mobility Experience, a development platform for the wide range of Continental technologies that are needed for the future operation of driverless systems.

The company said that it believes driverless vehicles will play an important role in urban transport. They will relieve urban traffic pressure and make urban mobility more convenient, the company said.

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