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Volvo recalls 244,800 vehicles due to seatbelt issue

Hu Yumo
The recall covers both imported and locally made cars, including the S80, S60, V70 and others. Seatbelt fasteners in these models may become bent, or belts could fail entirely.
Hu Yumo

A total of 244,800 Volvo vehicles will be recalled due to safety concerns caused by seatbelt fasteners, according to China's top quality watchdog.

The recall will involve imported and locally made vehicles from Volvo Car Distribution (Shanghai) Co Ltd and Zhejiang Haoqing Automobile Manufacturing Co Ltd. Several models are implicated in the recall, including the S80, S80L, S60, S60L, V70, V60, XC60 and V60CC, read a statement on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The recall is set to begin from January 18, 2021. The two companies filed a recall plan with the country's top quality watchdog in accordance with defective automobile recall management regulations and implementation measures.

The earliest-known models with the defect were produced in 2006, and the latest were manufactured in December 2019.

Due to design problems, seatbelt fasteners in these vehicles may become bent. In extreme cases, the seatbelt could fail entirely, increasing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Volvo Car Distribution (Shanghai) Co Ltd and Zhejiang Haoqing Automobile Manufacturing Co Ltd will replace the faulty components free of charge.

The companies recommend that driver and front passenger ensure that seatbelt fasteners are in a vertical position, consistent with the backrest direction.

The companies will notify car owners by telephone, registered mail and other means.

Owners can call customer service hotline 400-678-1200 for questions related to the recall. They can also find more information on the company’s WeChat account and leave details of any defects their vehicles might have.

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