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Enel X Way upgrades Chinese headquarters in Shanghai, serving Asia Pacific region

Huang Yixuan
Enel X Way has is upgrading its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai, serving as the operational center for Asia Pacific, boosting Chinese automakers' access to overseas markets.
Huang Yixuan

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Shanghai, a well-established destination for investment from home and abroad, is keen to ride the waves of economic revitalization to attract more quality investment with better policies and services.

Enel X Way upgrades Chinese headquarters in Shanghai, serving Asia Pacific region

Enel X Way has confirmed that it will upgrade its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai, to serve as the operational center for the Asia Pacific region.

The company, as the Enel Group's electric mobility subsidiary, launched its business strategy for the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on boosting Chinese automakers' access to overseas markets.

Gianmaria Riccardi, head of global sales of Enel X Way, reaffirmed the company's optimistic outlook and confidence in China, the world's largest EV consumption and manufacturing market.

Enel X Way's Shanghai office, as its wholly-owned subsidiary established in 2019, will serve as the Asia-Pacific operations center, he announced.

Riccardi stated that over the past three years, the company in China has not only provided charging station products and solutions to domestic and foreign automakers such as Volvo, SAIC Group, and WM Motor, but also carried out comprehensive cooperation with many multinational real estate developers, energy technology companies, Mobility Service Providers (MSPs), and car sales and service providers, to better serve pure electric vehicle consumers.

In the past two years, the market for new energy vehicles has seen significant growth, with nearly 7 million NEVs sold in China in 2022 which was five times the figure in 2020. This rapid expansion of NEV market has led to increased demands for the charging infrastructure.

According to data from the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, the increase in charging infrastructure in China in 2022 was 2.593 million units, with a pile-to-car ratio of 1:2.7. The construction of charging infrastructure can basically meet the boom of NEVs, but there is still a large gap from the national 1:1 ratio target.

Experts from the State Information Center said that charging piles are a key area for investment in new infrastructure and a necessary link in the NEV industry. To effectively drive investment and support the rapid development of NEVs, the construction and operation of charging infrastructure should be accelerated towards higher quality development.

As Chinese automakers continue to upgrade and accelerate their overseas expansion strategies, the need for better-quality charging infrastructures, seamless integration with local regulations and technical standards worldwide, and the preference for one-stop service models are increasing, providing the company an excellent growth opportunity in China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, according to Lucian Ion, vice president of business development of Enel X Way Asia-Pacific.

It showcased a range of charging infrastructure offerings as well as digital solutions, which are compatible with the standards of China, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. These products cover a range of AC (alternating current) charging piles for both residential and public use, aiming to help Chinese new energy vehicle companies integrate mature charging solutions to gain access to China and overseas markets more quickly.

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