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Survey sparks awareness campaign for child safety, in and around vehicles

Huang Yixuan
A new survey on child safety has exposed a number of alarming practices among parents, when it comes to children in and around vehicles.
Huang Yixuan

The latest child safety survey exposed concerning practices among local parents, sparking a renewed call for enhanced awareness and education on children's safety in and around vehicles.

As part of the Safe Kids Safe Ride program, a collaborative effort by the Safe Kids Worldwide (China) and General Motors China, the survey released on Tuesday spotlighted critical findings that demand immediate attention.

Startlingly, 79.8 percent of parents admitted to not consistently checking around their vehicles before driving, unveiling a potential risk to child safety during journeys. Over half (52.6 percent) of the respondents acknowledged holding their children on their laps, while more than a quarter (27.2 percent) permitted their children to enter or exit the vehicle independently.

While the ownership rate of child safety seats exceeded 70 percent, the survey revealed a significant gap, with only 53.8 percent reporting their utilization. Even more concerning was the admission by 42.5 percent of parents that they had chosen the wrong type of safety seat for their child, indicating a potential lack of knowledge in this crucial area. The report also shed light on the influential role of grandparents, with 56.1 percent compromising on children's reluctance to use a car seat.

In response to these alarming findings, the Safe Kids Safe Ride program joined hands with the Shanghai Traffic Police, along with various other social forces, gearing up to share the "Children's Travel Safety" Open Course with schools in need in urban areas, and carry out immersive traffic safety classes nationwide. This initiative seeks to address the identified gaps and foster a culture of heightened child safety in vehicles.

Monica Cui, executive director of Safe Kids Worldwide (China), a nonprofit organization working to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries, stressed the importance of the research report, stating, "It provides a clear and powerful direction for the future scientific, effective development of the program. We will keep pace with the times, update content and information delivery, and meet the new needs of parents and children for safe travel."

The Safe Kids Safe Ride program, marking its 10th anniversary, has played a pivotal role in reaching over 6,200 educational institutions in 160 cities, benefiting more than 20 million children and parents.

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