Adidas launches wireless headphones

Zhu Shenshen
The sportswear manufacturer's latest products target China's sports and gym fans who like to listen to music during exercise.
Zhu Shenshen

Adidas has launched wireless headphones in China, targeting sports/gym fans who need music during exercise.

Adidas has partnered with Zound Industries to launch its new adidas-branded headphones. They have been crafted to meet the specific needs of different sporting disciplines, according to the company. An in-ear model is designed for runners while an over-ear version is made for training.

Apple and Li-Ning are two other companies who have launched cross-industry products and services.

Li-Ning, a Chinese time-honored sports brand, has taken measures to “connect emotionally” and attract young consumers with the debut of its eSports sub-brand and eSports apparel. Meanwhile, Apple has enhanced sports tracking functions on its latest watch and iPhone models.

The adidas headphones cost from 1,099 yuan (US$155).

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