Startup in partnership to improve eye care

Zhu Shenshen
Jianke and Santen Pharmaceutical are to cooperate in moves to improve services for the 900 million people in China who are suffering from eye diseases and myopia.
Zhu Shenshen

Tech startup Jianke established a strategic partnership with Santen Pharmaceutical on Wednesday in Shanghai to cover chronic eye disease in China where many millions suffer from eye diseases and myopia.

The partnership covers Internet hospital services in ophthalmology, chronic disease management, digital services for patients, intelligent doctor-patient communication and disease management, under a H2H, or Hospital to Home, services, both said.

The cooperation also covers new technologies such as the Internet of Things, wearable devices and 5G, Jianke said.

China has more than 900 million people with myopia and dry eyes, including over 20 million people with glaucoma. 

Digitalization is trending with the popularization of electronic devices and the accelerating pace of aging, according to industry insiders.

Founded in 2009, Jianke has established an online health-care platform linking over 210,000 doctors and over 100 million patients across China. It raised US$130 million in a round of financing in 2018. 

Jianke, among other Chinese online health-care firms such as WeDoctor, is preparing to list in Hong Kong, industry sources said.

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