Smart equipment platform set up at Waigaoqiao bonded area

The center will be a high-end import platform for smart equipment such as computerized numerical control machine tools, industrial robots and intelligent medical instruments.

China National Machinery Import and Export Corp (CMC) and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co signed a cooperation agreement at the China International Import Expo. They set up an international intelligent equipment and innovative service center at the Waigaoqiao bonded area to introduce advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies while offering a one-stop import service.

"Prior to the center, the bonded area was a place for foreign manufacturers to store goods. Now it has new functions such as simplifying import procedures, giving more direct and convenient services and bringing more high technologies and equipment from overseas," said Wu Yue, CMC's vice president. He said the center would make the bonded area "alive."

Wu said the provision of a repair service via the center was also being considered.

According to CMC, the center will be a national high-end import platform for smart equipment like computerized numerical control machine tools, industrial robots and intelligent medical instruments. It will help to introduce and integrate international high-end intelligent equipment and technology and give new impetus to domestic industrial upgrading and technical progress.

It will provide customers at home and abroad with a one-stop service covering product imports, technology imports, market development and industrial upgrading. It will also build ties for countries on the communication and cooperation of high-end intelligent equipment industries.

"We have had some cooperation with Waigaoqiao in the past," said Wu. "One of its features is that it gathers many manufacturers from all over the world which specialize in fields such as advanced manufacturing, machine tools and industrial robots. They set their bonded warehouses in Waigaoqiao."

CMC has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hungary-based Dunantuli Energy Holding Co on power projects and the two sides will carry out further technical exchanges and collaboration.

CMC has undertaken a series of programs which benefit countries involved in the Belt and Road initiative, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Kazakhstan.

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