Ke Jiayun

Metro Reporter

Bookstores making a roaring comeback

The shared book concept makes the store not only a place just for selling books but also ensures that they are read by more people.

Xuelong returns from Antarctic expedition

China's icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, returned to Shanghai from its Antarctic expedition on Saturday morning.

Using legal food preservatives safely

But while you should remain vigilant to illegal additives, there should be no need to worry about the amount of preservatives added to various food products. 

Temperatures set to cool over the weekend

Forecasters say city residents will enjoy another day of sunshine and clear skies before temperatures fall and the rain arrives.

Non-emergency ambulance hotline

Shanghai opened a new ambulance hotline for taking patients with limited mobility home from hospitals.

Family doctor system likely to cover local children

Flu outbreaks have made seeing a pediatrician a matter of concern and the health commission says it is placing great emphasis on improving services.

Local scientists announce possible breakthrough in fight against obesity

Local scientists announce breakthrough which offers new opportunities for the development of an anti-obesity drug.

Emergency 'green zones' at complexes

Residential complexes in Shanghai will have "green zones" to ensure a quick and free passage for emergency vehicles like fire engines and ambulances.

Protections increase as Shanghai sees more patent applications

Shanghai received more than 131,700 patent applications last year while granting about 72,800 patents to the applicants, both seeing an increase from 2016.

Muscle Barbie works up a sweat on social media

A 23-year-old female college bodybuilder has worked up a bit of a sweat on the social media platform thanks to her pumping iron obsession.