Business news doesn't have to be boring

Ding Yining
CBNData will provide financial news for those with little investment knowledge.  
Ding Yining

China Business Network's data consultancy affiliate CBNData plans to provide more interactive and multi-media financial news for those with little investment knowledge through third party platforms.  

It already works with Ant Financial and a number of commercial lender's online banking platforms.

Chairman and CEO of CBN Network Li Rong said she hopes to offer more services for corporate clients to target readers with different knowledge  while sticking to its core competency of financial news reporting. 

It also expects to offer tailor-made short videos for viewers of existing platforms to present investment related or macroeconomic trends in a more interesting way.  

Users with little financial knowledge are interested in the latest investment trends and, by offering this content, online platforms and lenders can better target these users and shape their wealth management concepts, said CBNData content service senior director Tian Li. 

General manager Chen Zhiming of financial information service provider Shanghai Gildata Inc said that by analyzing readers' preference for financial news it can better target consumers with different risk preferences and provide them with more suitable options. 

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