Deputies call for clarification of IP protection

Huang Yixuan
Deputies to the Shanghai People's Congress are calling for better rules on intellectual property protection.
Huang Yixuan

Deputies to the Shanghai People's Congress want to see improved intellectual property protection.

Xu Liping, a deputy from Huangpu District, and 11 other lawmakers, submitted a proposal demanding to accelerate formulation and implementation of measures that can better protect intellectual property.

The proposal pointed out the importance of IP protection in the era of the knowledge economy, as innovation has become a major driving force for social and economic development and IP has become a core competency in the market.

It also noted that improved IP protection can play a major role in Shanghai becoming an international sci-tech innovation center and in improving the city's business environment.

Chen Meng, a deputy from Songjiang District, also submitted a proposal with six other lawmakers calling for legislation on IP protection.

Chen suggested that Shanghai should learn from the experience of developed countries and make proper adjustments in line with the domestic situation. 

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