Record number of proposals at SPC session

Huang Yixuan
Deputies made 57 proposals to the fifth session of the 15th Shanghai People's Congress on topics ranging from the comprehensive law system to managing stray animals.
Huang Yixuan

The fifth session of the 15th Shanghai People’s Congress received 57 proposals from deputies, the highest number among all sessions of the 15th SPC.

Two proposals were related to the comprehensive law system; six on the supervision of monitoring and judiciary; 11 concerning finance and the economy; 14 regarding education, science, culture and health; 13 about urban construction and environmental protection; two discussing agriculture and rural areas; and nine touching on social development.

Some proposals highlighted the importance of proactively serving and integrating into the new development pattern.

Legislators including Liu Xiaohong proposed exploring coordinated legislation on water resources management in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, to strengthen the overall protection, integrated management and rational utilization of water resources in the area.

Liu Xinyu and several other deputies called for speeding up legislation on the city’s communication infrastructure construction, which can help improve the city’s capacity and core competitiveness.

Proposals also expressed great concern over high-quality economic development.

Lawmakers including Xu Liping proposed organizing inspections on law enforcement of the city's regulations on the promotion of transformation of sci-tech achievements so as to create a good environment for this issue. 

Pan Jian and other deputies counseled quicker formulation of laws and regulations to boost the development of the logistics industry in Shanghai while delegates including Yao Haisong appealed for carrying out law enforcement inspections on the regulations on promoting the construction of sci-tech innovation centers, to bolster high-quality development of the biomedical industry.

Urban digital transformation was also a hot topic at the SPC this year.

Lu Yan together with other deputies called for systematically carrying out digital legislation. Delegates such as Chen Feng proposed construction and improvement of a legislative system on big data security. Hong  Chengdong and other legislators, meanwhile, suggested the government formulate relevant norms of biometric information to ensure the security and standardized use of biometric data. 

Among the proposals focusing on people’s livelihoods, Lu Yihao and some other deputies expected a quicker launch of measures in urban renewal, while those including Tong Liping called for special supervision over the construction of houses by villagers in rural areas of Shanghai.

There were also proposals concerned about improving urban governance. Zhang Difang and other delegates suggested the city should pay closer attention to older people, especially in the process of digital transformation. Lawmakers including Bai Wanqing called for launching measures on the management of stray animals.

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