New energy highlighted at local brands expo

Huang Yixuan
Exposition on China Indigenous Brand features dozens of local brands exhibiting their flagship products, including new-energy vehicles and renewable-energy projects.
Huang Yixuan
New energy highlighted at local brands expo
Dong Jun / SHINE

A visitor looks at SAIC exhibits at the  Exposition on China Indigenous Brand. A number of businesses focusing on new energy becomes highlights at the expo.

Dozens of local brands exhibited their flagship products at the Exposition on China Indigenous Brand on Monday.

Among them are a number of businesses focusing on new energy.

Universal Energy, a Shanghai-based company founded in 2015, focuses on the renewable-energy industry and specializes in investing, constructing and operating wind power and solar power projects across the world.

In addition to the Chinese mainland market, it has expanded into Kazakhstan, Albania, Vietnam and Western Africa. So far, its grid connection projects and new energy power station construction projects have posted a global total capacity exceeding 760 megawatts.

As an enterprise set up under the background of Belt and Road initiative and the country’s promotion of energy saving and emission reduction, it has invested in six new energy projects in Kazakhstan, which have all been included in the list of key projects in China-Kazakhstan capacity cooperation.

SAIC Motor, the largest auto company listed on China's A-share market, is developing new energy and smart vehicles.

It has invested heavily in recent years in NEVs and has built a research and development team of nearly 1,000 researchers, according to the company.

The carmaker has launched NEV models that include sedans, sport sedans, recreational vehicles, sport utility vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, light buses and coaches, performing well in both sales and user satisfaction, it said.

Last year, sales of its NEVs hit 320,000 units, making it the runner-up in global NEV sales. The figure for the first two months of this year was 88,000 units, the highest in China. 

In the exhibition hall for Shanghai brands at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, a total of 28 local brands have set up exhibition booths. 

They, together with another 39 local brands, are also showcasing their products or services on the expo’s official online platform  — 2021 Exposition on China Indigenous Brand Online (

New energy highlighted at local brands expo
Ti Gong

SAIC ranks the top on the list of Shanghai’s most valuable manufacturing brands, released on Monday by the School of Management at Fudan University, the Shanghai Institute of Corporate Culture and Brand in partnership with the Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics. “Many local companies like SAIC have heavily raised their investment in research and development, which is a guarantee of their growth in brand value,” said Jiang Qingyun, a professor of management at Fudan University.

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