Jiaxing seeks designs for rail town concept

Jiang Tianyi
Planning of the Jiaxing High Speed Railway Township centers around the idea of "station-city-integration" in a project aiming to attract innovative designs from around the world.
Jiang Tianyi
Jiaxing seeks designs for rail town concept

A meeting to promote the Jiaxing High Speed Railway Township’s architectural concept was held on Tuesday and the city in the neighboring Zhejiang Province also sent out an invitation for ideas  regarding the design of the station-city-integration area.

The Global Press Conference and Investment Promotion Meeting, introducing the historical and cultural background of Jiaxing, presented the overall vision for the design of the station-city-integration area, and announced an international solicitation of design strategies for the new area. 

People can apply via Websites including http://www.chinasus.org/http://www.planning.org.cn/, http://www.chinaasc.org/http://www.abbs.com.cn/ and http://jxedz.jiaxing.gov.cn/ for details.

Adhering to the requirements of “world vision, international standard, Chinese characteristics, and high-end positioning,” the project aims to collect forward-looking and innovative design schemes from prominent design institutions across the world.

Jiaxing released a three-year action plan for the construction of “Hub Jiaxing” with the goal of building a “Jiaxing on the track.” 

South Jiaxing Station is one of the main railway hubs in the railway system, as well as one of the 12 landmark projects outlined in the three-year action plan. 

The growth and design of the township is crucial to the development of the city, said Shen Xiaohong, deputy mayor of Jiaxing . The High Speed Railway Township, in the Jiaxing International Business District with South Jiaxing Station at its core, connects with the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. 

The area is seen as becoming the focal point of high-level development, science and technology innovation, public service and urban development, taking on a significant strategic position in the process of building a vibrant city at the core of the Yangtze River Delta region.

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