Insurers offer top-notch travel protections for the upcoming holiday

Tracy Li
For the upcoming Golden Week holiday, insurance companies offer rich insurance products and comprehensive protection solutions for people's domestic and outbound travels.
Tracy Li

For the upcoming Golden Week holiday, insurance companies will offer top-notch insurance products and comprehensive protection solutions for people’s domestic and outbound travels.

WeSure, a digital insurance platform owned by Tencent, unveiled eight travel insurance products together with Starr Property & Casualty Insurance (China) Company to better safeguard people’s holidays.

A recent report from Ctrip, China’s biggest online travel agency, predicts that the number of tourists will be around 800 million during the National Day holiday, and that more people will choose to make international trips compared with last year.

Various risks may emerge while people are on travel and they may need professional services like emergency medical assistance.

To cater to people’s diversified needs, WeSure launched customized coverage for tourists to Japan and South Korea, which will provide medical insurance with a high insured amount and 24-hour emergency rescue service.

Those who want to experience high-risk sports such as skiing and diving while traveling can also find and buy relevant insurance plans on the platform.

Risks like human injury and baggage loss will also be covered, and tourists can seek rescue services as long as accidents happen.

WeSure offers an exclusive direct payment service for outpatient and hospitalization medical treatment, which will greatly alleviate travelers' financial pressure and make claim settlement much easier.

If an accident occurs and the insured traveler needs to be treated locally, they can dial the global rescue and claims hotline and a rescue organization will assist in making an appointment and paying the medical treatment fee directly.

The overseas insurance plan now covers more than 32,000 direct payment medical outlets worldwide, according to WeSure.

Data of AIG’s Tmall flagship store showed that during the past 30 days, the underwriter’s travel accident policy with global coverage has been sold over 177 million plans and its travel insurance plan covering the Asian region has been sold over 764 million times.

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