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Short videos are winners at film festival

Zhu Shenshen
Shanghai International Film Festival's Explore Forum showed winning entries chosen from over 1,500 entries for expressing ideas in just a few minutes.
Zhu Shenshen

The ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival presented awards to 20 short videos chosen from over 1,500 entries.

The winners, from artists with an average age of 29, were shown at the festival's Explore Forum, a platform to promote professional short videos produced by Chinese filmmakers.

They included such titles as "People in the Post-Epidemic Era," "Bicycle," "Dad's on a Business Trip," "Entropy" and "Dream." 

Despite their limited length, around four minutes, they require imagination, professional skills and observation of daily life, the forum, which included film director Ding Sheng and actress Qi Xi, heard.

Sports featured among the winners, covering topics such as basketball in the rural villages and events for the coming Olympics in Tokyo and Beijing.

New technologies such as 5G and cloud will help filmmakers spread their works and ideas in the digital age, said Migu, China Mobile's digital entertainment platform, also the forum's partner.

During the forum, Migu launched a special program to offer resources and support for young artists and cultivate "new power" for China's film industry.

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