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Chinese smart products 'eyecatching' at MWC

State-of-the-art intelligent products and applications showcased by Chinese companies have become eye-catchers at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.
Chinese smart products 'eyecatching' at MWC

Li Peng, Huawei president of ICT Sales & Service, attends a keynote session at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, on February 27, 2024.

State-of-the-art intelligent products and applications showcased by Chinese companies have become eye-catchers at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

At the center of Xiaomi's booth sits a "Gulf Blue" Xiaomi SU7 car, which has drawn widespread attention from enthusiastic visitors who crowd the booth.

Adam Butcher, a tech influencer, said he wanted to place an order for the Xiaomi car.

Xiaomi officially launched the "Human x Car x Home" platform globally, integrating personal devices, smart home products, and cars, facilitating seamless connection and real-time coordination of hardware devices, and providing collaboration with industry partners.

By integrating people, cars, and homes, Xiaomi aims to create end-to-end interconnections surpassing any technology available today, said Daniel Desjarlais, Xiaomi's International Communications Director.

Seulgi Lee, head of the Republic of Korea's interactive content company Thingsflow, said she was amazed by the "incredible" technology used on ZTE after she tried out the 5G+AI naked-eye 3D tablet developed by ZTE.

"I've never seen technology like this that instantly creates a 3D effect after taking a photo!" said Lee, who is not a stranger to naked-eye 3D products.

Speaking at "5G Beyond Growth Summit" hosted by Huawei at the World Mobile Congress, Li Qiang, general manager of Mobile Planning and Construction at China Mobile, said that the 3D industry has come to a new stage of volume production marked by the launch of naked-eye 3D computers, smartphones, and other terminals as a result of the continuous integration of immersive 3D content into industries and the improvement of display devices' resolution and the upgrade of computing power.

iFLYTEK released a series of applications based on generative artificial intelligence and deep learning. The company has made a foray into intelligent marketing, smart homes, and other fields.

Lenovo Group assisted in advancing the architecture of the smart city of Barcelona through infrastructure deployment such as networks, ensuring fast and smooth data transmission of devices, and providing efficient and convenient experiences for the public, enterprises, and public institutions.

"In recent years, Chinese enterprises have demonstrated formidable innovation and research and development (R&D) capabilities. This surge is evident in significant investments in R&D, the establishment of global research centers, as well as the growing number of patents filed," said Luigi Gambardella, President of the Brussels-based international digital association ChinaEU.

Mats Granryd, GSMA's Director General, told Xinhua in an interview that he was happy to see the cutting technologies showcased by Chinese companies at the MWC.

"I know how much effort, money, talent that China is pouring into new technology, into AI, into connectivity that's going to really bear fruit in the future."

Lara Dewar, chief marketing officer at GSMA, said that it is really important to have the Chinese companies which present "a ton of innovation" at the MWC. She added that the MWC Shanghai will take place in June.

The MWC, the technology industry's largest connectivity ecosystem event, opened here on Monday, drawing a total of 2,400 exhibitors, including around 300 Chinese telecommunications companies.

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