Chen Huizhi

Metro Reporter

Air-conditioner repairmen held for defrauding customers

After the service, the repairman charged 1,960 yuan (US$290), but she later found that the air-conditioner still had problems, and the repairman became unreachable, police said.

'Zombie cars' pulled off streets in intensive campaign

In the Pudong New Area, police said they have cleared about 400 such cars this year along major streets.

Doll loving drivers to be fined in police clampdown

Drivers will be fined 200 yuan (US$30) and have two points deducted from their licenses if they endanger the safety of the public by sticking dolls to car exteriors.

Italian police to patrol Shanghai streets

Two Italian police officers began patrolling popular tourist spots in Shanghai from July 18. The joint patrol will run through July 29. 

Repairman sentenced for theft

The man allegedly said that he asked the client to wash the filter of the air-conditioner in the kitchen while he stole the cash in the bedroom.

Malicious software used by scammers

In a recent case, the victims were made to install malicious softwares on their phones which enable call interception or transfer so that the police couldn't warn them by phone.

Insider held for stealing luxury watches

A warehouse custodian has been detained for allegedly replacing high-end watches with counterfeit imitations, police said yesterday.
Art & Culture

Giving worn art renewed vigor

Paintings age, sometimes not very well. Restoring them is meticulous work. One master is so renowned that collectors and museums beat a path to his rural doorway.

Man detained for playing with fire on Metro train

The suspect claimed that he set fire to a Metro map "just for fun" – he is under detention on suspicion of "endangering public safety with dangerous methods."

Construction workers steal shared bikes 'to commute'

The stolen bikes, parked outside a Metro station, belong to a shared bike company which uses street-side docks instead of each bike being equipped with its own lock.