3 artists, 3 techniques, 1 common place

An exhibition from November 5 takes everyday items – from toilet paper to cigarette boxes – and turns them into art commenting on power, authority and humanity.
Ti Gong

“Be Born” (mixed media) by Chai Yiming

Artists Xu Kaijiao, Brian Reed and Chai Yiming will present their newest works at the FQ Projects, a shikumen (stone-gate) gallery in downtown Shanghai.

The “A Common Place” exhibition will show how the three artists use the most mundane common objects to present issues related to power, authority and humanity.

Dubbed the “queen of toilet paper,” Xu is known for her “Toilet Paper” series. She conducted lengthy research among all types and brands of toilet paper and also different kinds of brush pens to find out the most suitable for her to paint, twist, fold and drape. She uses her work to discuss the value and relationship between collective and individual.

Chai wanders around in his never-ending games, absorbing everything he sees, hears and touches and turns it into art. His “Game of Painting” uses all types of materials and forms: cigarette boxes, newspapers, colored clay and even girls’ plastic cases for shimmering powders. His works surprise with their wild ability.

Brian Michael Reed is an American conceptual artist who first came to China in 2012 to experience the country’s visual culture and history through various artist-in-residence programs.

Reed discovered many themes that interested him here, but none more potent than the metaphoric power of the lotus. The lotus installation he created for this exhibition shows us how an expat can cultivate cultural communication using art to reveal and express the symbolic lotus in new ways.

Exhibition details

Date: November 5-January 8 (closed on Mondays), 10am-8pm

Venue: FQ Projects

Tel: 6466-2940

Address: Bldg 76, 927 Huaihai Rd M.

Ti Gong

“Dragon Paper” (ink, tissue and mixed media) by Xu Kaijiao

Ti Gong

“Lotus Message” (installation) by Brian Michael Reed

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