Xu Qin

Feature Reporter

A childhood interrupted by war

The 38-year-old author Ishmael Beah was in Shanghai to read from "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" and shared his experiences as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.
Art & Culture

Documentaries to highlight Chinese culture, traditions and the spirit of China's craftsmanship

Three documentaries in English will hit the screen during the holiday to highlight Chinese culture, traditions and the spirit of China's craftsmanship.
Art & Culture

Celebrating the unique style of Shanghai Art Deco

An exhibition of works by renowned photographer Deke Erh and everyday objects shows how Shanghai developed its own version of Art Deco.
Art & Culture

Rare stone inscriptions chronicle historical and cultural past

A rare collection of rubbings from Han Dynasty carved stones in Tengzhou, east China's Shandong Province, is displayed at the Shanghai Luxun Museum.
Art & Culture

Celebrating the golden age of 20th-century illustration

An exhibition of illustrations celebrating Shanghai in the 20th century is underway at the Xuhui Art Museum.
Art & Culture

Artist looks at the meaning and joy of life

In her first solo exhibition in Shanghai, South Korean artist Kim Eunjin raises questions about how we treat our plant, and also looks at the joy of living in the present.

Art & Culture

Hugo Boss Award more than an aromatic fragrance of expression

An exhibition by the four finalists in this year's Hugo Boss Asia Art Award at the Rockbund Art Museum is running through February next year.

Window dressing offers a look into Xuhui's history

As Xuhui District's "Art in Stores" project draws to a close, four stores have joined forces to put up an exhibition titled "Artistic Narration: A Century of Xujiahui."

Comforting art and culture in Xujiahui commercial circle

Xuhui District's initiative to integrate and promote art within the commercial community has been hailed as an overwhelming success.
Art & Culture

Curtain about to rise on a star-studded season of music, drama and comedy

Warren Mok has the honor of opening Shanghai Poly Grand Theater's 2018 season.