Symphonic concerts by top-notch European ensembles hit Shanghai stage

The city's music lovers will be treated to three symphonic concerts by celebrated European ensembles at Shanghai City Theater next month.
Ti Gong

Nuremberg Symphony from Germany and Chinese violinist Huang Mengla

Shanghai’s music lovers will have a rare opportunity of listening to three symphonic concerts by celebrated European ensembles at Shanghai City Theater next month.

First up is the Nuremberg Symphony from Germany, which will join forces with talented Singaporean conductor Kahchun Wong and Shanghai violinist Huang Mengla to present a classical concert on December 7.

Ever since its establishment in 1946, the orchestra has been active in every musical field including opera, oratorio, film and, in particular, symphonic concert. Every year an audience of almost 200,000 people worldwide enjoy it.

While focusing on the classical and romantic repertoire in its symphonic concerts, the orchestra is also devoted to exciting projects across different genres, such as pop, jazz, film and literature. In 1993, it won one of the coveted Grammy Awards in Los Angeles for its sensational recording of the title music for the TV series “Beauty and the Beast.”

The Polish Humorous Philharmonic is next up on December 16. The ensemble will present Shanghai audience their new and creative interpretation of symphonic music in a concert called “Philharmonic of Wit.” 

“Philharmonic of Wit” is a unique musical comedy project of international meaning. Three skilled professionals created it, Jacek Kecik (director and writer), Waldemar Malicki (classical music pianist and the front man of the project) and Bernard Chmielarz (arranger and conductor). 

The project, born in 2005 in Poland as a performance, featured a pianist, soloists and orchestra, evolving in the direction of pop music, intelligent jokes and skits.

During concerts the ensemble will give a three-hour show, based on classical music, arranged and presented in a pop style. Arrangements, which are rich in instrumentation, are connected with the rhythm section. 

“Everyone, without exception, has classical music in their genes,” said Malicki. “It cannot be explained, but as soon as one hears a few bars of ‘Carmen’s’ overture, they know and recognize it.”
Finally, on December 29, the Kodaly Philharmonic Orchestra from Hungary, with a history of around 200 years, will present a concert to celebrate the New Year. Artists will perform the famous “Blue Danube” and episodes from Rossini’s opera “The Barber of Seville” for local people.

Officials from Shanghai City Theater said that they will also host lectures on famous musicians such as Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms, to promote classical music to a wider audience of today.

Performance schedule

Concert by Nuremberg Symphony

Date: December 7, 7:30pm

“Philharmonic of Wit”

Date: December 16, 7:30pm

Concert by Kodaly Philharmonic Orchestra

Date: December 29, 7:30pm

Venue: Shanghai City Theater, 4889 Dushi Rd

Tickets: 80-880 yuan

Tel: 5415-8976

Ti Gong

Polish Humorous Philharmonic

Ti Gong

Kodaly Philharmonic Orchestra from Hungary

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