Six simple drawings boosting efficiency at sampling sites

Yuan Luhang
The drawings lay out the six steps of sampling and have helped staff organize better and more quickly.
Yuan Luhang

Qi Yuanyuan, an official of Maqiao Town, has drawn six pictures laying out the six steps in sampling to improve efficiency.

Each hand-drawn picture has a link to the relevant functions and precautions. Staff at a sampling site are positioned according to the picture to perform their duties, which has greatly improved efficiency.

"I just want to save some rest time for medics and community volunteers who are tired due to the long hours they work," Qi said.

With the help of hand-drawn pictures, sampling speed has improved a lot.

Xiaduoyuan Community is a super large community in Maqiao Town with 3,342 households and about 10,000 residents.

But just within six hours, all the sampling can be done with the help of the drawings.

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