Cloud robots filling in labor shortage at makeshift hospital

Yang Yang
The robots, which save on the need for protective gear, are doing everything from delivering meals and medicines to patients and medics, to cleaning floors.
Yang Yang

Cloud robots from the Maqiao AI Innovation Experimental Zone in Minhang District have been used to support the operation of the makeshift hospital at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. The robots were deployed at the venue within 24 hours.

By March 30, 20 Cloud Ginger Lite and five Cloud Ginger robots produced by CloudMinds Shanghai Robotics Co had been deployed to provide hospitalization guidance and meal and medicine distribution services to patients, medics and other workers.

Able to reduce infection rate and work around the clock, robots have been widely used in the battle against the coronavirus, especially since the more contagious Omicron variant appeared.

The robots are able to deliver goods, medicine and food, sweep floors and disinfect rooms, and automatically give feedback on their cleaning work.

All this can greatly make up for the labor shortage in a makeshift hospital and raise its operational efficiency.

In addition, protection gear and face masks can be saved as robots don't need them.

"More cloud robots will soon work at the makeshift hospital," said an official with CloudMinds.

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