Panlong Tiandi urban renovation project opens to public this weekend

Zhu Yuting
The 530,000-square-meter mixed-use complex will serve window for the world to understand Shanghai, the Jiangnan region, and Jiangnan culture.
Zhu Yuting

Featuring beautiful stone paving, Jiangnan-style buildings and tranquil waterways, Panlong Tiandi, a large-scale urban renovation project developed by Shui On Land in suburban Qingpu District, is set to open to the public this coming weekend.

Located near Panlong Road Station on Metro Line 17, just one stop away from the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the 530,000-square-meter mixed-use complex is committed to serving as a new window for the world to understand Shanghai, the Jiangnan (regions south of the lower reaches of Yangtze River) area and Jiangnan culture.

Upholding the core philosophy of “Culture, Nature and Future,” the project consists of three main functional spaces: the 230,000-square-meter public green space, Panlong Park; the 50,000-square-meter commercial space, Panlong Tiandi, which will take the form of a traditional Jiangnan watertown; and the 250,000-square-meter residential space, Panlong International Residence.

An escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Panlong Tiandi has much to offer both visitors and local residents.

People can stroll along stone-paved streets reminiscent of ancient times, or explore the 10 Chinese-style stone bridges that cross the waterways.

Fans of traditional Chinese culture are more than welcome and can find a lot of guofeng (traditional Chinese fashion) elements in the project’s art museums, bookstores and intangible cultural heritage experience venues.

For outdoor enthusiasts, activities such as horse riding and camping may be perfect options among others.

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