Equity investment zone now open in Lingang

Li Xinran
The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang Special Area Equity Investment Agglomeration Zone has been officially launched.
Li Xinran
Equity investment zone now open in Lingang
Ti Gong

Chen Jinshan, Party secretary of Lingang Special Area, delivers a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Dishui Lake Emerging Finance Conference on Friday, during which the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang Special Area Equity Investment Agglomeration Zone was unveiled.

The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang Special Area Equity Investment Agglomeration Zone has been officially launched.

As a concentrated carrier of national strategy and a pioneer of reform and opening-up, Lingang Special Area actively explores the field of equity investment and firmly takes the lead as a pioneer.

The Lingang Special Area, at the forefront of reform and opening-up, is holding the Dishui Lake Emerging Finance Conference, which is of even more special significance.

The theme of this conference is "New Strategies, Models, and Paths for Emerging Finance to Boost China's Financial Power." It is the time to further leverage the advantages of the Lingang Special Area as a pioneer and focus on the open and innovative development of emerging financial formats.

By building more practical and efficient cooperation and exchange platforms, the annual conference will innovate and create a globally influential "carnival" in the emerging financial field. This will enhance the competitiveness and influence of Shanghai International Financial Center, to contribute to accelerating the construction of a country with strong finance.

In his speech at the conference, Chen Jinshan, Party secretary of Lingang Special Area, stated that since the first Dishui Lake Emerging Finance Conference in 2022, emerging financial institutions have accelerated their gathering in Lingang; high-level financial open platforms have accelerated their landing; new financial products continue to emerge; financial talented staff continue to emerge; emerging financial innovation systems continue to form; and the construction of the Dishui Lake Financial Bay is in full swing, with tower cranes standing tall.

"From the signing of the contract to the establishment of the Dishui Lake Advanced Finance Institute, it has 'run at the speed of Lingang'," Chen said.

"The national level platforms Shanghai International Reinsurance Trading Center and Shanghai Oil and Gas Trading Center have fully set sail, and the emerging financial industry by Dishui Lake is thriving."

He emphasized that the Lingang Special Area is an open city, an innovative city, and a city of the future, full of vitality, dreams, and hope.

"We sincerely invite all kinds of financial institutions and elites from both home and abroad to firmly choose, settle in, and root in Lingang, and create new achievements and a better future on the new journey of jointly building a 'financial powerhouse'," he said.

Sun Canglong, chairman of Lingang Special Area Economic Development Co Ltd, told Shanghai Daily: "A large number of private and public equity investment institutions have settled in Dishui Lake Financial Bay.

"The plan to release equity investment agglomeration zone this time is actually an epitome of these institutions expanding their business in the special area. It should be said that the next step will have a significant promoting effect on equity investment and asset management in Lingang."

Sun Xiaohe, head of the Financial and Trade Department of the Lingang Special Area Administrative Committee, noted that Lingang will embrace various financial institutions and financial elements markets with a more open attitude.

"And at the same time, we need to build a more pragmatic platform for dialogue and communication," Sun said.

"We target all characteristic industrial parks, technology-based enterprises, and even our traditional enterprises within our jurisdiction, and through this platform, we achieve deeper communication, dialogue, and exchange between financial institutions and regulatory authorities.

"We also facilitate smooth communication and exchange of demands from various market entities that require more financial services toward financial institutions. This achieves multi-level and multi-disciplinary deep exchanges and cooperation. There will be more market-oriented and internationalized activities, professional communication and cooperation for our emerging finance.

"In the face of new challenges and opportunities in the unprecedented situation of great changes in a century, we can achieve the goal of becoming a strong financial country proposed by the Central Financial Work Conference, from big to strong, by empowering the real economy with finance, innovating Fintech, and promoting high-quality development and high-level openness in finance."

Chen Xuanjuan, executive dean of Dishui Lake Advanced Finance Institute, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, told Shanghai Daily: "More financial institutes and universities will establish their Lingang campus to facilitate the construction of Lingang's financial infrastructure.

"An advanced institute beside Dishui Lake aims to provide top-notch financial professionals, which is one of the most significant advantage of the Dishui Lake Financial Bay as the third pole of the city's financial industry," Chen said.

David Zhang, head of CFA Institute's China Region, believes that Dishui Lake Financial Bay will play a greater role from the perspective of CFA system establishment or for CFA licensees and candidates.

"The gathering of more financial institutions in Dishui Lake naturally provides more opportunities for our licensees and students to gain industry related experience," he said.

"We have observed that more and more financial institutions are settling in Dishui Lake, which has been effective in the past three years. We hope that in the future, Dishui Lake can generate stronger agglomeration effects to provide more internship and employment opportunities for CFA licensees and candidates."

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