Industrial chain leader system to promote high-quality development

Li Xinran
The establishment of an industrial chain leader system has strong practical significance for Yangpu, which is at a critical juncture of innovative development.
Li Xinran

At the beginning of the new year, Yangpu District held a conference to promote the development of key industrial chains, releasing a strong signal for all staff to "focus on industries, comprehensively optimize the environment, and fully promote development."

Industry is the key to promoting high-quality development of regional economies, which has strong practical significance for Yangpu.

The establishment of an industrial chain leader system aims to accelerate the construction of the three 100-billion-yuan-level industrial clusters of such fields as the online new economy, intelligent manufacturing and creative design; and lay out the four emerging fields in technology services, artificial intelligence, life and health, green and low-carbon.

On the basis of consolidating existing industries, it has firmly grasped the development direction of the digital economy; seizes opportunities; lays out emerging industries; cultivates innovative momentum; and continuously amplifies its distinctive advantages.

Industrial chain leader system to promote high-quality development
Ti Gong

An aerial view shows the Yangpu riverside region

The design of the industrial chain leader system is an institutional innovation rooted in the industrial chain, with the objective of fortifying the chain's potency, steered by market operations, industrial growth and business expansion.

The system pays close attention to connecting the breakpoints of the industrial chain and unblocking the bottlenecks of the industrial cycle. Through strategic chain layout and aggregation, it transforms a short chain into a long chain, thereby resolving issues such as incomplete chains and lack of supporting facilities in the industry.

Furthermore, it promotes the establishment of an industrial chain cultivation and investment promotion mechanism. With a comprehensive ecosystem, large, medium, and small enterprises can be effectively integrated and synchronized. By enhancing the upstream and downstream linkages within an industrial chain, it is possible to advance the high-quality development of Yangpu.

In order to better leverage the important role of top-level design, systematic promotion and resource coordination in various industrial chains, Yangpu District is committed to building an industrial development pattern of "government + enterprise + society" that combines management, collaboration and linkage.

The system will also be jointly managed, integrated and promoted by multiple forces, with a concentration on tackling challenges.

The industrial chain leader system is led by the district director Zhou Haiying as the general chain leader, with nine other officials as chain leaders.

Industrial chain leader system to promote high-quality development
Ti Gong

The Bay Valley in Yangpu's Xinjiangwancheng Community. It offers services such as project incubation, talent gathering and technological transfers.

In the next stage, Yangpu District will endeavor to enhance its comprehensive chain work promotion system.

This entails efficiently sorting industrial resources, outlining key industrial distribution and chain structure maps, identifying breakthroughs, seizing key opportunities, maximizing advantages, and identifying the most suitable development path for the industrial chain according to its actual situation.

Looking ahead, Yangpu is poised to introduce a comprehensive set of industrial policies in conjunction with regional industrial policy adjustments, thereby building an integrated policy toolbox. These policies will be gradually enhanced to cater to specific industries and achieve diverse benefits.

By developing tailored and targeted solutions, the district government will further implement a set of services measures catering to the different needs of leading enterprises and high-tech startups.

The management will be conducted in a meticulous, list-based approach that will involve the deepening of "service package" and "chief service officer" systems for key enterprises.

Targeted implementations such as precise delivery, technology-based development, talent recruitment, and market expansion will be introduced, while enterprises with cutting-edge technologies and higher growth potential that fit regional foundations will be sought out.

All these are aimed to encourage more businesses to "nest and fly higher" in the industrial chain, with the ultimate goal of achieving an integrated and comprehensive supply chain for each enterprise.

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