More than 4,000 take part in half marathon

Li Qian
Cheng Qianyu and Yang Lixue finish first in men's and women's races of popular event which took participants through the roads and landmarks of the Daning Functional Area.
Li Qian
More than 4,000 take part in half marathon
Jiang Xiaowei / Ti Gong

Runners sprint from Daning Park for the 2024 Shanghai Jing'an Half Marathon.

The 2024 Shanghai Jing'an Half Marathon took place on March 17 in the Daning Functional Area, a major development zone of Jing'an which occupies over 10.92 square kilometers in the Daning area.

Cheng Qianyu was the first man to finish in 1:06:57, followed by Sheng Wang (1:09:56) and Hou Chaoming (1:11:13).

Yang Lixue was the first woman to finished in 1:18:27, followed by Zhao Yali (1:20:23) and Kong Jie (1:20:43).

The race evolved from a women's running event launched in 2018. Recognized as an A1-class race by the Chinese Athletics Association, it attracted more than 4,000 runners this year.

They started at 7am from Daning Park and passed major roads and landmarks in the functional area, such as the main south-north traffic artery of Wanrong Road Tunnel, modern commercial complex of Daning Music Plaza, and Lingshi Road, the heart of the local eSports industry.

They returned to the park to finish the race, with the last 5 kilometers on a smart running track which can give runners their health metrics and rankings.

Daning Functional Area signed a strategic cooperation with Taihu National Tourism Resort in Suzhou and Wuxi in Jiangxu Province, granting female runners who finished the half marathon in under an hour and 50 minutes and male runners who finished in under an hour and 30 minutes access to either one of races held in those cities.

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