Enjoy nature's bounty at Shanghai Malu Grape Park

Alex Miao
Visitors to the park can learn to thin grapes, make a natural pest control, pick fruit and vegetables, and interact closely with animals.
Alex Miao

Shanghai Malu Grape Park is poised to welcome a substantial influx of both locals and visitors alike, as the picking season approaches.

Underneath the grape trellises, a science popularization activity for parents and children is underway. Families, guided by staff, are learning how to thin the grape bunches and experience the creation of a natural pest control essential during grape growth.

“This is my second time visiting the park, and I really enjoy the feeling of being close to nature,” said a visitor named Liu Haichen. “I hope to learn more about the grapes.”

The early maturing grape varieties in the park are in their rapid growth phase and are expected to hit the market next month, which is on par with last year.

In addition to grape-related activities, the park has introduced other activities to enrich the visitor experience. Visitors can carry small baskets to experience the joy of picking vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, and they can also interact closely with animals like rabbits and lambs.

In the future, Dayu Village in Malu Town will partner with Jin Jiang Travel to create a rural tourism route that combines the Malu Grape Park, Jiayuanhai Art Museum and Hongtai Garden.

If you go:

Tickets: 15 yuan (free for children under 1.3 meters and seniors over 70 years old)

Vegetable picking season: 8am-4pm, through early June

Address: 29 Dazhi Road


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