'Street Dance of China' to show off the coolest dance moves

Celebrities and professional dancers will compete on the stage in a new reality show expected to offer a fresh glimpse at street dancing.
Ti Gong

(From left) Chinese mainland singer/actor Han Geng, singer Huang Zitao, heartthrob Yi Yangqianxi and Taiwan celebrity Show Lo will lead four dancing teams of varied styles.

“Street Dance of China,” an original new reality show, will display the coolest dance moves and give a new interpretation of street dance.

Celebrities and professional dancers will compete on the stage. Among the celebrities are heartthrob Yi Yangqianxi, a member of boy band TFBoys, Taiwan singer/TV host Show Lo, Chinese mainland singer/actor Han Geng, and singer Huang Zitao. Each of them will lead a dancing team of varied styles.

The reality series, produced by Youku and Star China, will air on Youku at the end of February.

According to Lu Wei, director of the series, leaders of the four teams are from different generations, and therefore have different interpretations of street dance. 

In the show, they will also select dancers from over 400 candidates to build the strongest teams of their own. Veteran choreographers will be invited to design visually stunning dance moves.

The show’s sets will be something to watch, too, taking inspiration from diverse elements of traditional Chinese architecture, extreme sports and sci-fi movies.

Ti Gong

Show Lo, dubbed as the "dancing king of Asia"

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