Cool places to escape when the heat is on

Zheng Qiong
There are several “cool places” where you can escape from the stifling heat and soaring temperatures. 
Zheng Qiong

Next Monday sees the start of liqiu (Autumn Begins), yet the sustained Shanghai heat still prevails leaving thousands frustrated and annoyed with the stifling heat and soaring tempratures. But don’t worry, there are several “cool places” for you to escape to. Joan Zheng and Sophie Wang guide.

Snow joke at vodka Snow Bar

★ Recommended to adults

Cool places to escape when the heat is on

Snow Bar is a bar with ice all around which gives you a chance to get into a winter mood in summer.

All the counters and chairs are covered with ice and snow, although customers are given a fur-lined parka to keep out the chill before walking into the tiny blue and purple room.

The ice-cold bar offers an ever-growing range of more than 130 vodkas from all over the world in a multitude of flavors. The production of some of them has been stopped, which means they are sold out after you drink them. Groups up to 30 people can enjoy the ambience with couple of vodkas at steady sub-zero temperatures.

Cryo World leaves you feeling chilled out

★ Recommended to new things lovers over 14

Cool places to escape when the heat is on

Cryo World is said to be the exclusive distributor of a complete range of cryotherapy machines in China. it distributes the only original Cryosaunas “Space Cabin” directly from the manufacturer. Popular with elite sport teams in the US and europe, top athletes are increasingly adopting cryotherapy into their fitness and wellbeing regimens.

There are three types of cryo sessions available in Shanghai: whole body, local and the cryo facial. For whole body cryo, users step into an upright sauna wearing underwear (for men) and insulated shoes. Sessions last just three minutes and you’ll step out feeling incredible.

For local cryo or the cryo facial, just lie down and enjoy the session. Local cryo users will see an immediate increase in range of movement. Those undertaking the cryo facial will leave us with instantly brighter, tighter and smoother looking skin.

Dream Park is such a cool place

★ Recommended to families with kids

Cool places to escape when the heat is on

Dream Park is a newly-opened themed park in Shanghai which keeps long business hours. it stays open until 9:30pm every day and because of the long hot summer days a visit in the early evening would be a good choice.

Ice World is the highlight of the park. it’s somewhere where you can cool down during the hot weather. When you enter it feels as if you are walking into a real ice world. inside there is a large-size ice wall, ice slide and ice engraving. The whole space is decorated in pure white. if you are game lover, like curling activities, ice bumper car and ocean ball, then these are all perfect for you. These magic games will bring you back to your childhood. The indoor temperature is low, so a jacket will be prepared for you when you enter.

Movie Space is just the ticket

★ Recommended to all, especially for couples

Cool places to escape when the heat is on

Movie Space is a multifunctional space with a coffee shop and a private cinema which located below the ground floor on Changde Road.

With vintage decoration and bright lights, the space looks clean and comfortable. Moreover, it is decorated into an airraid shelter which will give you a cool and fresh feeling.

Movie space offers coffee and dessert. ice cream and sandwiches are also worth trying. For the private cinema, comfortable chairs and excellent sound and visual effect will give people a good viewing experience.

Get your skates on over to Feiyang

★ Recommended to all, especially for skating lovers

Cool places to escape when the heat is on

Feiyang Skating Center is a professional skating center with two floors. one is an olympic-sized skating rink for skating competitions and the other is a recreational-sized skating rink for public. it is a real ice skating center, and the low temperature makes people feel cool during summer time.

It was co-founded by former Chinese short track speed skater and current ioC member yang yang, who is a twotime olympic Champion from the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City and a five-time overall World Champion from 1998 to 2002.

Feiyang now offers skate and ice hockey courses for sports lovers. The fare varies from 180 to 850 yuan (US$26.76-126) which depends on the courses you choose. Skating coaches are also available to provide one-to-one guidance, extra coach fee need to be paid.

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