Wang Xinzhou

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Art & Culture

The Canadian and his traditional Chinese instruments

Having long been fascinated by Chinese folk music, Canadian musician Jeremy Moyer loves to play traditional Chinese instruments.

Old and new combine as AI solves big city healthcare woes

With artificial intelligence, to see a "doctor" can become easier, all without sacrificing accuracy.

AI-equipped self-driving cars a spotlight at WAIC

Artificial intelligence-equipped self-driving cars have purred into the spotlight during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference yesterday.

Durian, the stinky but delicious king of fruits

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with durian. Despite its lovely taste, its foul smell discourages many people from even trying it.

Trendy Hawaiian poke bowl dish sends foodies fishing

Poke bowl is a typical delicacy from Hawaii. The meal came about when fishermen seasoned the cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack.
Art & Culture

Cutting paper dragons: craftsmanship and art together

Cai Defu, a man of 67, has been working as a paper-cutting artist throughout his life.

Hotnest's Co-founder and Managing Director Fabian with his message to Shanghai

Fabian Von Heimburg, Co-founder and Managing Director of Hotnest, shares his ideas on what makes a global city of excellence.

Paddling to the top: foreign students and their dragon boat glory

Rustam Boboev, an overseas student from Tajikistan in East China Normal University, is now the captain of the school's dragon boat team. 

Zongzi: When past and present collide

Executive Chef Huang Renkang is one of the many who can still make good zongzi by hand.

Stewed, grilled or barbequed, crayfish always passes test

Crayfish is popular with many Chinese. There are several different ways to enjoy the delicious dish and the choice where 13 spices are added to the pot is the most popular.