Wang Xinzhou

iDEAL Reporter

A startup providing solutions not problems

Wind Lion, a company specializing in environmental protection technology, is located in an old three-storey building near Tongji University in Yangpu District. 
Art & Culture

Engraving past and present on Shanghai's Liyuan Road

Xiang Wenjun, 48, has been a seal carver for nearly 30 years. For him, seal carving is not only a job, but also a lifelong pursuit.

Two Sessions Chat: Who knows more?

Who knows more about China's Lianghui? We threw some general questions at locals and foreigners alike to test their general knowledge about China's annual Two Sessions. 


Shanghai Entrepreneurs: The man behind Molly Box

Ju Yi is an owner of a company with more than 30 employees and more than 10 cats. Founded in 2015, the company features specialized services for cats and dogs.

New Year hopes and dreams of Shanghai Daily's foreign crew

Seven foreign experts from Shanghai Daily have shared their wishes and dreams for the coming New Year, and taught us some lucky terms in Chinese.

Shanghai Daily crew's New Year wishes in 2019

Some of Shanghai Daily's crew shared their hopes and dreams for the coming Chinese New Year over the past few days.

A selfless Spring Festival: four ordinary people who gave up their holidays

Chinese New Year is a time of togetherness, food, family and new memories. But not for everyone...

New Year wishes and dreams on the streets of Shanghai

More than ten pedestrians in Shanghai have shared with SHINE their hopes and dreams for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year.

No holiday for Zhoupu's police

Family reunions must wait as officers make sure everyone else has a problem-free break during the Spring Festival. 

These may stink, but they are so delicious

Are you afraid of stinky food? Stinky food can be found in many countries. Some of them may seem hard to swallow, but they actually taste good.