Wang Xinzhou

iDEAL Reporter

These may stink, but they are so delicious

Are you afraid of stinky food? Stinky food can be found in many countries. Some of them may seem hard to swallow, but they actually taste good.

Rock, pop and art top this winter's picks

It may be getting colder but fear not, the Shanghai Daily's guide team has prepared a hot event list to warm you up as the cold winter season bites.
Art & Culture

Closed for good: The last of the musical dinosaurs

"Classic Music Store," a record shop that had been in the narrow dead-end at 64 Fenyang Road for 14 years, closed for good on November 18.
Art & Culture

Sinan reading party: a reading feast for Shanghai citizens

Sinan reading party, a reading event hosted by the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau and Shanghai Writers Association, is regularly held at the Sinan Mansions.
Art & Culture

Music in the Summer Air: an oasis of music for everyone in the city

Since its birth, the Shanghai "Music in the Summer Air" (MISA) Festival has created an oasis of music for everyone in the city.
Art & Culture

Zhujiajiao: one of the most popular watertowns in Shanghai

Zhujiajiao, a fan-shaped town near Dianshan Lake that covers an area of 47 square kilometers, is one of the most popular watertowns in the city.
Art & Culture

Open your journey of wonderful, cultural life in Pudong

With famous landmarks like Lujiazui, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Shanghai Tower and Shanghai World Expo site, Pudong is now becoming a wonderful place full of rich culture.
Art & Culture

Jinshanzui: the last fishing village in Shanghai

Jinshanzui Fishing Village is the last fishing village in Shanghai. Once home to the fishermen of Jinshan, it has a long fishing history.
Art & Culture

Opera 'Morning Bell' shows revolutionary spirit of martyr

The opera "Morning Bell" performed recently in Shanghai shows the revolutionary spirit of Li Dazhao, a Chinese martyr, who died fighting for communism in the 1920s.
Art & Culture

JIC books: more than just books

Located on North bund, JIC Books is a place where you can enjoy the Huangpu river scenery while reading various books and a cup of coffee.