Wang Xinzhou

iDEAL Reporter

New Year hopes and dreams on the streets of Shanghai

Altogether 22 passengers in Shanghai have told SHINE their wish and dreams for the coming Chinese New Year in the past few days.
Art & Culture

Shanghai Daily's foreign crew teach us some lucky Chinese terms

Seven foreign experts from Shanghai Daily have shared their wishes and dreams for the coming Chinese New Year, and taught us some lucky words.

Shanghai Daily crew's New Year wishes

Some of Shanghai Daily's crew shared their hopes and dreams for the coming New Year over the past few days. 

Shanghai eats: Sweet and fragrant Haitang cake

Haitang cake, a baked pastry made of flour, filled with red bean paste and sugar, is a traditional Shanghai snack. It originated in Jiangsu Province, and then came to Shanghai.

Shengjian dumpling battle: Which brand will take the crown?

We selected five pan-fried dumplings from five famous chain brands in Shanghai. Which one is the best? We got some hungry testers to let us know their thoughts!

Single meal for singles on Singles' Day

Many singles in China celebrate Singles' Day on November 11 by eating and by shopping madly. For them, we have selected some exquisite restaurants, which provide set meals for one.
Art & Culture

Zhang Jian: the man who makes shadows come to life

Zhang Jian, a shadow puppet artist from Shanghai, has been making and performing with them for nearly 20 years. For him, shadow puppets are not only his work, but also his life.

Welcome November with stars, music fest

It will soon be November.Joan and Sophie have chosen some unique exhibitions, a music festival, excellent concerts, impressive musicals and drama to celebrate the season of autumn.

Probably, not, the best beer in the world

Lager is a type of beer that is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures. The examples of lager beer produced worldwide vary greatly in flavor, color, and alcohol content.

Where to find the best qingtuan? Look here

Qingtuan, which is a sweet green rice ball that's considered a traditional snack and is usually eaten for Qingming Festival or Tomb-Sweeping Day, is becoming popular in Shanghai.