Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

Zhu Yile
Shanghai has a variety of public and private bathhouses available for social leisure. The variety of food and entertainment options enhances the whole experience.
Zhu Yile

Shanghai's cosmopolitan lifestyle offers expatriates many dining, entertainment, and leisure options. This mosaic of experiences offers two main bathhouse alternatives in the city.

The city has many public bathhouses for social relaxation. Those in hotels offer a more personal experience with relaxing pools. Here, the experience is heightened, offering a quiet refuge to relax in Shanghai's hustle and bustle.

Type 1: Public bathhouse facilities

Affordable prices, strong public accessibility, tend to be a bit crowded, family-friendly areas, and food and beverages easily available.

Bi Hai Yun Tian

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

Experience calm at a 10,000-square-meter Korean-style bathhouse with a minimalist design.

This place is perfect for family gatherings and leisure, with a large children's playground, guest rooms, a library, a tea room, a cinema, table tennis, and SPA massage services.

Relax in the hot pools, Korean-style steam room, and spa. Continuous filtration keeps the water pure. Delight your taste buds with a variety of snacks.

Tel: 021-58906666

Opening hours: Monday — Sunday, open 24 hours

Address: 1058 Chuahuan Rd S. | 川环南路1058号

Dong Fang Quan Du

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

Escape to a 15,000㎡ Japanese-style bathhouse with 20 themed pools for all ages and body types. These trace element- and mineral-rich ponds come from a 1,800-meter subterranean spring. Experience the renowned "Golden Spring" at 76°C.

Indoor steam baths, authentic Japanese hot springs, and five wellness steam rooms await you in Shanghai. There is a café, library, arcade, and billiards table at the venue.

Tel: 021-60778208

Opening hours: Monday — Sunday, 10am — 10pm

Address: Bldg 1, Lane 2088, Wuzhong Rd | 吴中路2088弄1号楼

Ji Le Tang

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

Known for its affordability, this establishment spans 15,000㎡. Seven Japanese-style bathtubs create a Kyoto-inspired atmosphere.

Like hot stone therapy, rock baths, derived from ancient Chinese therapy, soothe and encourage perspiration for detoxification. Six rock baths offer different therapeutic benefits based on individual constitutions.

You can customize your experience with 12 unique pools monitored for water quality every hour. Soft water in hot pools ensures a relaxing dip.

After the dip, relax with sauna and spa services for a refreshing experience.

Tel: 021-67822777

Opening hours: Monday — Sunday, 10am — 2am

Address: Bldg 2, Lane 7076, Chuanzhou Highway (near Disneyland) | 川周公路7076弄2号

Lian Quan Da Jiang Hu

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

The hotel's several thousand square meters' bathhouse brilliantly recreates Japanese culture and Edo-style environment.

With torii corridors, Edo-style halls, Japanese lanterns, and more, the inside feels like an ethereal wonderland. Take a trip back to Edo period and experience Japanese romanticism.

Each pool has its beauty, but a cutting-edge circulation system ensures water quality that is safe for babies. Once inside the bathing sanctuary, a delicate mist creates an ethereal atmosphere. There are medicinal, carbonated, and massage pools for every choice.

After a relaxing soak, head to the third floor for a rock bath sauna. This floor features Japanese tatami mats, comfy sofas, a constant flow of fruit juices, a trendy lounge, spa massage services, etc.

Photography enthusiasts can rent yukatas and props, and the facility has an izakaya and a cat-petting zone.

Tel: 021-60758898

Opening hours: Monday — Sunday, open 24 hours

Address: 3162 Yan'an Rd W. | 延安西路3162号

Qi Le Tang

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

Shanghai's largest Japanese-style bathhouse offers calm and elegance.

Over 2,000㎡ of soft water baths offer a variety of rejuvenating options.

The famous "Japanese beauty soft water" enhances the experience, along with over 60 delicious dishes.

Tel: 021-33657777

Opening hours: Monday — Sunday, open 24 hours

Address: 369 Hudi Rd | 湖堤路369号

Shui Guo Tang Quan Sheng Huo

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

This elegant 18,000-square-meter facility blends luxurious design with superb service. It stands out among Japanese and Korean-style steam rooms with its slick modern aesthetics and large space, including a sofa area.

In the changing room, guests can choose a fruit-themed bathrobe.

Enjoy fragrant floral tea and relaxed chats in the sauna. Hot waters appear to melt stress and exhaustion here.

Services such as body cleaning, foot treatments, and massages are available.

The third floor has a fun arcade and a stylish bowling rink for all kinds of entertainment preferences. Exclusive activity rooms are perfect for small parties, while the screening room and lounge are perfect for quiet time.

In addition, a 1,000-square-meter buffet restaurant promises a delicious culinary treat.

Tel: 021-33286969

Opening hours: Monday — Sunday, open 24 hours

Address: B1, Bldg H, B Hall of Longfor Paradise Walk, Shenchang Rd | 申长路龙湖虹桥天街B馆H栋B1层

Type 2: Hotels

This category has private pools, but they tend to be costlier.

Hyakumangoku Onsen Hotel

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

Enjoy the charm of a Japanese bathhouse in Shanghai Lavender Park. The hotel offers a perfect blend of relaxation and amusement, with Disneyland and Bicester Village just 2 kilometers away from it.

The famous Japanese bathhouse brand Onsen was launched in 1980. Its luxury branch, "Hyakumangoku" in Shanghai, is spread over 18,000 square meters and adorned with Japanese characteristics.

The hotel offers private rooms with bathtubs. Hotel guests can use the exclusive area with indoor and outdoor pools. The gender-separated public Japanese bathhouse facility offers a unique experience with limited rooms.

A Japanese-style street is next to the hotel, and there is a shop where you can rent yukatas and take photos.

Tel: 021-20281588

Address: Shendi Rd E. (inside the Shanghai Lavender Park, near Disneyland) | 申迪东路(上海薰衣草公园内)

Shanghai Oyado Hotel

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

This hotel has 34 rooms with unique specifications. Each room has a separate Japanese-style hot pool for privacy.

With 24-hour hot water and daily disinfection of each room's pool, the onsen is available at any time.

The pools introduce imported volcanic rock and bath chemicals. These additions soften skin, relax muscles, and reduce stress, creating a peaceful body and mind.

A floating afternoon tea with Japanese delicacies and fresh fruits is available while relaxing in the pools.

Hotel guests can wear traditional yukatas for photos in the winter's artificial snow setting. Choose your style on the first floor and have a professional help you dress on the second floor with magnificent headpieces and wooden clogs.

The restaurant serves Japanese food and has private dining rooms.

Tel: 021-62688118

Address: Bldg 3, 1247 Meichuan Rd | 梅川路1247号3幢

Shanghai Yesinn Garden Hotel

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

The upscale Japanese-style guesthouse near Dongping National Forest Park offers a tranquil escape.

A Japanese-style courtyard ensures an exquisite retreat.

It has diverse room styles and uniquely named and soundproof designs. Some rooms have spacious balconies and low-set glass windows that frame picturesque vistas.

All rooms have a private pool with soft water and 24-hour hot water circulation in front of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Elegant tatami mats, dim lighting, and essential oil diffusers provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Tel: 400-161-9858

Address:738 Yunlianghe Rd, Jianshe Town | 建设镇运粮河路738号

Sun Island Shanghai Resort Hotel

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

The 2,500-mu (about 167 hectares) Sun Island Shanghai Resort Hotel in Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, offers a great island retreat.

The Han and Tang-style hotel has eight outdoor pools, five therapeutic energy rooms, an indoor heated pool, private indoor chambers, and children's recreational facilities.

The 35°C–40°C hot pools provide visitors with a tranquil, natural setting amidst the oxygen-rich woodland and the resort offers bathing, steaming, relaxation, and therapeutic wellness.

Tel: 021-61869688

Address: 2588 Shentai Rd | 沈太路2588号

Zhuli Kosa

Discover the captivating bathhouses of Shanghai

This Japanese-style hotel in Zhujiajiao Ancient Town in suburban Qingpu District is accessible by Metro Line 17 or taxi.

It entails a 10-minute boat ride that the hotel provides.

The founder incorporated Japanese tea ceremonies and Song Dynasty (960–1279) Zen monasteries into his 20 rooms after studying in Japan and absorbing Kyoto's aesthetic culture.

With separate male and female pools and picturesque courtyards, the hotel recreates Japanese bathing rituals. Private room soaks are also available.

Tel: 400-686-1376

Address: Bldg 4, Lane 288, Xinfeng Rd, Zhujiajiao Ancient Town | 朱家角古镇新风路288弄4号楼

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