You can't have your cake and eat it

Chen Huizhi
It may be flavor of the month, but the Lady M cake shop is attracting just too many customers as far as the police are concerned. They ordered it to suspend operations.
Chen Huizhi
You can't have your cake and eat it
Ti Gong

A policeman asks customers to leave Lady M on Tuesday afternoon.

A cake shop in Shanghai IFC Mall was ordered to shut down by the police on Tuesday afternoon.

The decision may be considered in bad taste by potential customers but the police say the large number of people lining up outside the shop could result in accidents.

The American brand cake shop, Lady M, opened on Sunday at the mall and has been flooded by customers since then.

Social media users claimed to have seen hundreds of people lining up outside to buy cakes from the shop.

Pudong police said they arrived at the scene on Tuesday after the property management of the mall called them fearing the large crowds posed a safety threat.

Customers were told to leave, and the shop manager was asked to discuss security measures with the property management of the mall.

The shop won’t be allowed to open till the security measures are considered to be satisfactory, police said.

Qisheng, the property management firm managing the mall, was unavailable for comment.

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