Wristband can monitor and guide rehabilitation of breast cancer patients

Local hospitals have launched a trial to monitor and guide breast patients' rehabilitation on their exercises and sleep through data collected from a wristband.
Wristband can monitor and guide rehabilitation of breast cancer patients
Ti Gong

The wristband monitors breast cancer patients' exercises and sleep patterns.

One hundred breast cancer patients at Shanghai Cancer Center were given medical wristbands during an international breast cancer forum over the weekend.

The bands will collect information of their exercises and sleep patterns as a trial for Internet-based long-term and comprehensive disease management.

With the prevalence of western lifestyles, the incidence of breast cancer has been rising in the city. However,  treatment and survival rates are also climbing, along with the improvement of medical capability and public awareness for disease prevention and early treatment.

“The five-year survival rate of local breast cancer patients is 91. 8 percent. Five years mean recovery from a clinical perspective,” said Dr Shao Zhimin, director from Shanghai Cancer Center’s breast surgery department.

“Breast cancer has become a preventable and controllable chronic disease. We usually focus on surgery while neglecting after-surgery rehabilitation and further disease management.”

The trial initiated by Shanghai Cancer Center is to give individualized direction to each breast cancer patient to guide them on their lifestyles. The wearable device is to develop a new model with professional monitoring and self management to better control breast cancer, experts said.

“Both studies home and abroad showed that diet, exercise and weight are closely related with survival, relapse and mortality of breast cancer patients,” said Dr Zheng Ying, the project leader. “If Chinese patients gain 5 kilograms of weight 18 months after diagnosis, the death risk will rise by 65 percent.”

Under the program, every patient will receive health checks on their condition, body fat, diet and exercise habits and receive guidance on diet and exercises before using the wristband.

Information on their exercises and sleep patterns will be sent back to the headquarters, which will contact patients to give direction or to arrange doctor visits.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during which various events, lectures and forums are being launched.

Wristband can monitor and guide rehabilitation of breast cancer patients
Ti Gong

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