Water quality monitors installed in 19 communities

New machines alert engineers of issues in less than a minute.

New water-quality monitoring equipment was installed in 19 residential communities in Shanghai on Saturday.

The equipment is installed at community pump stations and gathers data on quality indicators such as sediment levels, pH value and temperature every 30 seconds, said Li Fei, an engineer from Shanghai Chengtou Water Groups.

“Chengtou is responsible for more than 50,000 water tanks in over 4,000 residential communities,” said Li. “But there are only 400 of us and each tank can only be inspected once every three months, as we are shorthanded.”

Once quality and equipment issues are detected by the new monitoring equipment, engineers can be alerted within less than a minute.

Over the long term, discharge and pressure data from these monitors is meant to help Chengtou better manage water supplies.

According to the company, 60 communities will install such equipment by the end of the year, with more to follow later.

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